China Committee of Corporate Citizenship (CCCC) is a Non-profit Organization registered under the Ministry of Civil Affairs of China and authorized by China Association of Social Worker.

CCCC is dedicated in promoting corporate social responsibility and increasing the awareness of “Corporate Citizenship”. At CCCC, We are engaged in building sustainable development framework for corporation to better their business performance. Meanwhile, we work closely with government and academia to bring together corporate practice, government policy, academic voice and NGOs experience from the civil society.

CCCC advocates corporate social responsibility and the notion of corporate citizenship through research, workshop, and exchange visits as the platforms for information exchange. While CCCC is eager to learn and withdraw CSR experience from outside of China, we welcome the international community to observe and give advise on CSR matters in China.


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  • · 2015 Chinese Corporation Responsibil
  • · CCCC visits Heilongjiang Chamber of
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  • · Ukrainian Sino-Cooperative Associati
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